Do you know these maintenance methods for infrared lamps?

2020-09-09 18:25:51

There are manylarge manufacturers now using infrared heating lamps. This product canprovide more heat to these units during use, especially for some paintdrying units. Progressive production efficiency,there are infrared light friends do not know the relevant maintenanceknowledge in the process of using.

After using the infrared lamp for a period of time, we will find that thereare many gaps between the effect of this product and the new one. Firstof all, in the cleaning of the appearance, we should do well in theprocess of maintenance, generally in the process of heating. Directlythrough the appearance of infrared light, if there is too much dust onthe infrared heating lamp, it will cause our infrared rays to behindered in the process of heat transfer, affecting our use.

Undernormal circumstances, after half a year of use, the infrared lamp userwill carry out a centralized dust cleaning to ensure that there is nottoo much dust on the surface of all the lamps, and more efficiency isapplied. Try not to clean during the cleaning process. The use of water easily causes a short circuit in the appliance.