• Do you know these maintenance methods for infrared lamps?

    There are manylarge manufacturers now using infrared heating lamps. This product canprovide more heat to these units during use, especially for some paintdrying units. Progressive production efficienc

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  • Significant Advantages of Carbon Fiber Electric Heating Tubes

    1, the temperature rises rapidly, more than 30% energy saving than the traditional metal electric heating materials.Carbon fiber is a pure black body heating material. There is almost no visible light

    2018/07/23 1

  • Infrared Light Introduction

    Infrared is one of the many invisible rays in the sun's rays. It was discovered by German scientist Hodge in 1800. Also known as infrared thermal radiation, he splits the sunlight into prisms in v

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  • Application Industries of Quartz IR Heating Lamp

    Quartz Infrared Heating Lamps are widely used in Plastic Industry, Printing& Packaging Industry, Pharmaceutical / Medical / Instrumentation Industry, Textile Industry, Automobile In

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