Special Shape Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Lamp

Special Shape Carbon Fiber Infrared Quartz Heating ElementQuartz tube IR emitters can be formed into many different shapes in order to properly match the requirements of an industrial infrared fi

  • Voltage: 235V
  • Watt: 2000W
  • Total Length: 150mm
  • Price: USD 8 - 15
  • Min. Order: 100 Pieces

Special Shape Carbon Fiber Infrared Quartz Heating Element

Quartz tube IR emitters can be formed into many different shapes in order to properly match the requirements of an industrial infrared finishing processes’ heat application.  Some applications need very specific and precise heat control.

The most popular are omega shaped lamps, “C” shaped lamps, and contour shaped lamps.  These IR lamps are manufactured to focus the infrared heat to where it is needed.

Omega Shaped Lamps

Omega lamps are used in heating beakers of liquid, heating test tubes/medical vials, forming or bending tubes, drawing glass or plastic fibers, and shrinking insulation on wire, fiber optic and carbon fiber cables.  

Broadly speaking, applications include sterilization, baking, heating, boiling, joining of plastic parts, annealing, bending of rods and the drawing of plastic fibers.

The circular interior diameter can be as small as 23 mm and as large as 410 mm, though typical sizes vary from 51mm-305mm (2″- 12″) outer diameters.

Omega lamps are either shortwave or fast response medium wave (FRMW), and therefore offer fast heat up and cool down.  They can have gold or ceramic 180° reflective coatings that can focus the emissions to the center or at a 45° angle focusing emissions up or down.

They are engineered for use in a horizontal orientation, and the maximum temperature is 2400°C (4350°F). Lamp life expectancy is approximately 5000 hours.

ATD’s omega shaped lamps can be manufactured comparable specifications to shortwave T3 straight quartz tube lamp (available with 8. 10 and 12 mm o.d. tubes).

“C” Lamps

C-shaped infrared lamps can be shortwave, medium wave or FRMW, and are mostly used to keep the seal area of a lamp outside the heated area.  The "legs" of the lamp can be installed in such a way that the seal area can be easily cooled, which extends the life of the lamp.

C-lamps are used in the printing industry to dry inks, in the nonwoven and textile industries to dry water and dyes, and are also used to cure paint and powder coatings.  ATD’s C-shaped infrared lamps are available using T3 and T4 tubes for shortwave and FRMW. Medium wave lamps are T4 (12 mm) and 19 mm.  These lamps can also have a 180° reflective coating installed that focuses the energy emissions in the direction of the substrate.

“U” Lamps

“U” lamps are available in both medium and shortwave. Like the “C” lamp, the shortwave “U” lamp design allows for sealed ends outside the heated zone, which keeps the seals cool and extends lamp life expectancy. The long legs of the “U” make it an exceptional choice for use in a vacuum chamber where the ceramic end caps and the metal wires and connections must be outside the heated area.

1.  Advantages:

Long serving life: usually 10000 hours.quartz infrared heater element

Fast Reaction Time: About 3-4s to achieve full power output.infra red heaters

High thermal effect: Based on wavelength of 1.4-2.6um, get high thermal energy to 46.9%.

Energy Saving: Gold and Ceramic coating maximize reflect Infrared radiation up to 90%, more energy saving, smaller footprint and better heating results.ir heat lamp

Green, safe and Environment Protecting: nontoxic and peculiar smell, no risk of contamination over environment or target object to be heated.

2. Product Specification

Production DescriptionCarbon fiber infrared quartz heating element
Tube Diameter(mm)1010.511121313.51518
Overall Length(mm)80-170080-170080-170080-170080-170080-210080-250080-3000
Tube Thickness(mm)
Heated Length(mm)50-167050-167050-167050-167050-167050-207050-247050-2970
Max Power(w/cm)6060606060607575
Connection Typelead wire at two sidestwo or one side conenction
Tube Coatingtransparent, gold coating, white coating
Cable Type1.silicone rubber cable              2.teflon lead wire        3.naked nickel wire
Installing PositionHorizontal/Vertical
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